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The Guardian has a good primer on the ondes martenot. Patented the same year as the theremin, it operates on similar principles, but the combination of a keyboard and a ring/wire contraption gives the player more tonal control.

I knew that the score for There Will be Blood used it (since it was composed by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, the Martenot’s most vocal champion today). But I did not know (til I read the Guardian article) that it’s also heard on the soundtrack for Ghostbusters and Heavy Metal.

Want one ? Good luck. Once Olivier Messiaen stopped composing, it seemed the ondes martenot’s day was done - the last one was made in 1988. But along came Greenwood who has had two replicas built at his request, and the Guardian reports that a new model of the ondes marteot is being developed.