Basic function of the instrument The modulated voltage generator is entirely digitized, its sampling frequency is the same as compact discs (44,1 KHz). This generator is operated with a switch board, including various tone switches and volume faders of speaker units. The two voltages from the generator are transmitted to an analogue dataprocessing card. tiroir_martenot.jpg Output level The instrument releases 3 symetrical voltages with a peak of about 5 Veff (@+15dB), on a standard DB9 jack. Power 115V or 220V (can be switched according to requirement), 50/60 Hz on E.E.C. standard ground pinjack. Additional control systems a) ONE OR TWO VOLUME PEDALS (vol 1 and vol 2). Connecting pedal (with jack at the rear) disconnects automatically corresponding volume fader on switchboard (that is to say the setting of speaker units DI, D2, which are then, operated with foot), the pedal is fully operative when completely pressed down, it is off when horizontal. b) THE DAMPER PEDAL connected to the damper jack, allows the left hand to remain free from the damper key but does not suppress it. c) THE FILTER PEDAL connected to the Filter jack allows modulation of harmonics; the higher it is set, the more it filters. d) To be connected to a hi-fi stereo system equipped with ACR jacks (cinch), an ADAPTOR SYSTEM is supplied, including 3 desymetrisors; this system is directly powered from the instrument using DB9 jack. e) To connect a professional amplifier with symetrical inputs, a PASSIVE ADAPTOR SYSTEM is supplied including 3 kinds of XLR (male and female connectors). Both the pedals and the manual expression key use halla effect circuit without fader, therefore without wear, which implies greater reliability.

The instrument can be used :

#- single, with 30 to 600 Ohm impedance headphone, #- with a general stereo HI-FI system, with supplied adaptator system (only two H.P.), #- with professional amplifiers, with passive adaptator system, #- with TRIPLE MARTENOT AMPUFIER connected to an 8 Ohm speaker (picking up an electronic re-echoing), a "Palm" one, and a "Metallic" one.