Over 800 works including 32 concertos have been indexed and the greatest names in music are to be found among the 400 composers who wrote for the ONDES MARTENOT : Honegger, Jolivet, Milhaud, Messiaen, Varése, etc. including works of all kinds for opera, symphony, chamber music, ballet, stage, film, T.V. or radio programmes. The MARTENOT has been played solo with the most famous symphony orchestras in the world. About André jolivet's Concerto, René Dumesnil wrote in "Le Monde" : the sonorities of the MARTENOT rise out of the depth of the abyss to reach the highest notes, ranging through all the sound effects normally expected from the strings and the woodwinds, staccato, trill, vibrato, legato. Nothing seems impossible. Long before using the MARTENOT in his "Jeanne au Bucher", Honegger wrote: "In our choral ensembles, four "MARTENOTS" each doubling parts of the choral, convey the feeling that the chorus is tenfold larger without the tone of the voices being altered". By combining the MARTENOT at one time with the piano, with the harp, with the organ at another time with the voice, with the strings, with percussion instruments etc., composers have made up a considerable repertoire of original concert works. This instrument is not the perquisite of soloists and professionals musicians only. It is also the most fascinating means of expression for music-lovers who, without tedious studies, can rapidly succeed in interpreting works selected among the vast ancient classical or modern repertoire, for all monodic instruments. "I expect the MARTENOT to bring an even more valuable boon: the rebirth of chamber music following the trend of recorded music, the trend of recorded music in homes..." J-C Gabriel. Indeed it is the perfect instrument for those who enjoy the pleasure of chamber music, it allows them to play, as the case may be, the part of the alto or of the cello in a string quatuor, or else the part of the violon or of the flute in a classical trio. Finally, it is the ideal instrument for children, who are quickly discouraged by a long struggle to attain a good level of technique on traditional instruments. Official tuition of the MARTENOT is delivered : * at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris (Paris Music Academy) since 1947, * at C.N.R of Boulogne, Lyon, Saint-Maur, Strasbourg, Bordeaux. * at the Academy of Music of Montreal (Canada) and in many schools of music in France and abroad. Following the "Martenot Wave Tutor". by Maurice Martenot, with a foreword by Alfred Cortot in 1932- Leduc publisher- Jeanne Loriod, in 1988, wrote a inter for electronic keyboard of the Martenot Wave type.